Dr. Sheila Walker Benton


Dr. Benton has served as an early childhood educator for nearly 40 years. From a Divine Mandate, she pours from herself, a passion for children and youth, education, and mentorship. Dr. Benton enjoys creating opportunities for exploration and exposure; which allows children the possibilities to learn and develop, holistically. For more than thirty years, she has served as founder and owner of Bethel Christian Academy, Inc. Today, Dr. Benton continues a dedicated life of service, impacting her local community, and making national advancements in Education, Enterprise, and Ministry.

Ms. Pat Hawkins

K-8 Principal & Lead Teacher

Ms. Hawkins has served as an educator for approximately 40 years. She is holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. In addition, she obtained a Master's Degree in Educational Administration; as well as, a professional teaching license through the Ohio Department of Education. Mrs. Hawkins has served in several teaching capacities including: Reading/Social Studies, Educational/Literacy Coach, Physical Education, Special Education, Math/Reading Lab, General Studies, etc. She is an enthusiastic, warm, and caring educator; who desires for all students to become successful learners.