Enrollment Fee
  • An $80.00 non-refundable, Enrollment Fee is charged for each newly enrolled child. The fee is to be submitted with all enrollment forms. If a child is withdrawn from BCA, and re-enrollment is desired, the Enrollment Fee must be paid again. Annually, BCA hosts a summer enrichment camp. A camp registration/enrollment fee is assessed per child, separately.
General Enrollment
  • Forms to be Submitted Include:
    • Enrollment Application
    • Pickup Authorization Form
    • Contractual Agreement
    • Photo Consent Form
    • Policy Signature Form (must be signed by parent/guardian)
  • Child Enrollment and Health Information For Child Care
    • Each BCA student will have an ODJFS “Child Enrollment & Health Information for Child Care” form (JFS 01234) completed and on file by the first day of attendance. The Child Enrollment & Health Information for Child Care form is reviewed at least annually by the parent and updated as needed when information changes. The parent and administrator will initial and date the form when the information is reviewed or updated.
  • Immunization Record (signed by a licensed physician)
  1. A record of the immunizations that the child has had, specifying the month, day and year of each immunization. This record may be an attachment to the medical statement.
  2. A statement from the physician, PA, APRN, or CNP that the child has been immunized or is in the process of being immunized against the diseases required by division 5104.014 of the Revised Code and found in appendix A to this rule or a statement that the child meets one of the following:
  1. A statement from a physician, PA, APRN, or CNP that an immunization against the disease is medically contraindicated for the child.
  2. A statement from a physician, PA, APRN, or CNP that an immunization against the disease is not medically appropriate for the child's age.
  3. A statement from the child's parent that he or she has declined to have the child immunized against the disease for reasons of conscience, including religious convictions.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Cumulative Transcripts from other institutions
  • Standardized Test Reports
  • IEP/ISP Information (if applicable)
  • Request for Administration of Medication (if applicable)
  • Child Medical/Physical Care Plan (if applicable)

In the event that a child has a special health condition, The ODJFS "Medical/Physical Care Plan" (JFS 01236) will be used for children with a condition or diagnosis that require the following:

  1. Monitoring the child for symptoms which require the staff to take action.
  2. Administering procedures which require staff to be trained on those procedures.
  3. Avoiding specific food(s), environmental conditions or activities.
  4. A school-age child to carry and administer their own emergency medication.
  5. Bethel Christian Academy, Inc. will:
  1. Ensure the parent/guardian completes and signs a form for each condition per child.
  2. Review the form for completeness and ensure the form is signed by the administrator or designee.
  3. Implement and follow all requirements of each child's form.
  4. Update the form as needed and at least annually.
  5. Ensure the form is signed by any trained child care staff member who is providing care to the child.
  6. Keep the completed form on file at the center for at least one year.
  7. Maintain a current form for any child who requires one, in a location that can be easily and quickly accessed and removed from the center if there is an emergency that requires the children to be moved to another location.

The plan will be reviewed by the parent at least annually and updated as needed, including an updated list of trained staff members, if applicable. The parent and administrator shall initial and date the form when the information is reviewed or updated. The plan shall be on file with Bethel Christian Academy, Inc. by the first day of attendance or upon confirmation of a health condition. If Bethel Christian Academy, Inc. suspects that a child has a health condition, the center may require a physician's statement within a designated timeframe. Only staff members trained by the parent or a certified professional shall be permitted to perform medical procedures. There will be a trained child care staff member on-site at all times whenever a child who has a health condition is present.

Children's records are confidential, but shall be available to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services for the purpose of administering Chapter 5104 of the Revised Code and Chapter 5101:2-12 of the Administrative Code. The immunization records are subject to review by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) for disease outbreak control and for immunization level assessment purposes.

  • Ohio’s Step Up to Quality Forms 
  • 4C Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Forms
  • HCJFS Child Care Co-Payment Agreement Form (if applicable)
  • Permission to Photograph Release

Note: The above forms must be completed and fees submitted before any child is considered officially enrolled into Bethel Christian Academy, Inc. Documents are required by state law and no exceptions will be made.