1. Enrollment Application
  2. Emergency Medical Authorization Form
  3. Contractual Agreement
  4. Pickup Authorization Form
  5. Handbook Signature Page (last page of handbook)
  6. Child Enrollment & Health Information Form
  7. Child Medical Statement (Ages 3-5 only)
  8. Request for Administration of Medication (if applicable)
  9. Child Medical/Physical Care Plan (if applicable)
  10. Family Information for Step Up to Quality
  11. Center Income Eligibility Packet
  12. Payment of all applicable registration fees

Serving Children Ages 3 - 12 Years

  1. Enrollment Application
  2. Child Enrollment and Health Information for Child Care
  3. Child Medical Statement for Child Care (Ages 3-5 only)
  4. Request for Administration of Medication for Child Care (if applicable)
  5. Child Medical/Physical Care Plan for Child Care(if applicable)
  6. Family Information for Step Up to Quality Programs
  7. Permission to Photograph
  8. Center Income Eligibility Packet
  9. Parent/Student Handbook - the Signature Page (last page of document)

All forms must be downloaded, completed and signed

All forms are to be emailed to: Dontrelle Louden at